Webgear Design Solutions – Environmental Policy

When using Webgear Design Solutions as your internet services provider please be assured of our continued efforts to provide an energy efficient service using sustainable sources for our supplies, and suppliers that implement effective environmentally friendly policies of their own.

Paper use

The use of paper in our office is kept to a minimum, with paper that is used being printed on both sides where possible before being recycled. We pay bills and receive payment electronically where possible thus keeping the use of paper to a minimum. Clients are offered ways of paying and receiving invoices electronically.

Electrical equipment

Energy efficient office equipment is chosen and set to power down or sleep when unused for extended periods. We minimise the use of ink in our printers by using electronic methods of invoicing clients and paying bills.


Webgear Design Solutions keep travel to a minimum where it is feasible, using video conferencing and Skype to communicate with clients. Our transport is a MINI Cooper D Clubman, still one of the greenest cars currently available with CO2 emissions of only 108g/km, better for the environment than many hybrid production cars on the market currently.

Solar Power

We haven’t got any actually – but we really did try to get Solar Panels installed and it all went a bit Pete Tong. I might write up the unfortunate happenings that befell us if I can ever face putting it into words, it was all a bit like a comedy really but without the funny bits… Watch this space.

Greener hosting – as standard

Gree e Energy Certified

All new sites built by Webgear Design Solutions now use servers that are powered AND cooled (servers get VERY hot!) using renewable energy sources. For every watt of electricity that a server uses, 1-2 watts of electricity are typically required to cool it. What that means is that our data centre is investing in over twice as much renewable energy, on a per server basis, as those green hosts only using renewable energy to power their servers.